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Wine Essentials

Written by: WineVipRoomGuy


I am always being asked, what are the wine essentials? The must haves? Technically you can uncork let the bottle set and breathe a little, then drink straight from the bottle! While this is not recognized as the best way to enjoy your wine, it still gets the job done. 

If you want to show off your etiquette and manners then there are a few basics I believe anyone who enjoys wine should have in their cabinet. I am assuming you already have an opener!

The best investment I believe you could make is to go out and buy some nice wine glasses. If you can afford them, buy Riedel glasses, if not buy medium sized glasses and you can use them for white or red. Next, a wine decanter comes in handy when you open a red and you want to give the wine time to naturally breathe and bring out more flavor! Lastly, a wine aerator is also useful. There is usually a lot of discussion around whether this is a good way to let your wine breathe a little but speaking for myself, I see no problem with it. If you can't afford a decanter, just buy an aerator. While its not the same, it does help the wine breathe and can quickly make a difference in how much flavor you are getting.

Be smart, a Riedel glass is not cheap, starts around $12 and up for each. As I said, if you are on a budget buy the generic medium size glasses. If you can afford it, buy a set for white and a set for red! Are these glasses magic, NO, but they are accepted as some of the best wine glasses you can buy. I like them too but that doesn't mean you have to drink wine from a Riedel!  Look on-line and look for bargains, don't buy from the corner store where prices for accessories are usually higher. Sometimes there are great deals on the Riedel site. Look for the sets of 6-8 wine glasses rather than buying each one individually, those are usually priced lower.

The decanter is your choice, find a cool design or a bargain there too. I know someone is going to beat me up over this, but I am still going to say it...they all pretty much do the same thing. I would look for one that is easy to handle and looks like it will pour without spilling. There are many different styles and manufacturers. 

Lastly, I personally recommend the Venturi Aerator if you want to buy one. It's around $29, if you buy it, you could eliminate the decanter but I really believe both are useful and serve different purposes.

The Venturi shown above is available on-line or in a lot of stores. If you click on it, I added a link to their on-line store but buy it where you want. I have no deal with these guys just adding the link to make it easy for you to go and learn more. 

You don't have to run out and buy all this at once, as your wine drinking experience increases and you want to add to your collection, buy a piece and add it. You can certainly enjoy wine without all the fancy stuff. Buuuuuut, I will say, these three things will enhance your wine and I believe the investment is worth it!