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What We Believe In...

WINEVIPROOMGUY loves to have fun and believes wine drinking and visits to Wine Country should be all about having a great time! We are blessed to have so much great wine coming out of one state! Buy it, drink it and enjoy it!

WINEVIPROOMGUY also recognizes, understands and most of all appreciates all the hard work, challenges and passion that goes into every bottle of wine we put on our tables. Years of history, experiences, tears and laughter fill every bottle. This is why we always take time to salute the various people, organizations and wineries that keep the traditions going. Winemaking is not easy and started out a predominately man's world. Pioneers from all walks of life did not let that stop them from reaching their dreams and joining the great men winemakers who started it all. Hard work and sweat got them to where they wanted to be. We recognize the diversity, the drive and the wonderful people who live, work and give their all everyday so that we are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. supports these groups financially, intellectually and through support on our website. The foundation that exists only gets stronger through everyone's support. Please visit these wineries, buy their wines and most of all take time to salute the people.

We have added links below if you want to learn more about why California wine is as good as it is!


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California's Trailblazing Women Winemakers

California's Latino Winemakers