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Auction Napa Valley Radio Commercials

WineVipRoomGuy believes strongly in Auction Napa Valley, the annual fundraiser from the Napa Vintners. The week before the Auction did our part to raise awareness by sponsoring radio commercials that ran on local radio stations in California! The Auction raised over $15.7 Million! We are proud to help contribute to the Auction! 

If you want to learn more about the Vintners or the Auction, listen to our Radio Commercials from this years Auction Napa Valley 2017! This set of Commercials aired on 99.3 The Vine in Napa Valley! Check out 99.3 next time you are in Napa Valley, a great radio station focusing on local people and events with great music...and you will probably hear a commercial for!

Radio #1


Radio #2


Radio #3