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No question the wine industry is on fire right now. So many people drinking wine, learning about wine and visiting wineries. More than just a thirst for a glass of wine, there is a real thirst for knowledge about wine. And why not, its always cool to learn and wine has long been one of those subjects that people feel dumb about or even get scared when they see a wine list.

The point to be made in this Blog is, stop being afraid. As much as people claim to be, there are no experts who know it all. Ask questions, taste different wines, be willing to taste any wine put in front of you and then ask more questions. If you are talking with someone who seems bored or put out by your questions, find someone else to ask!! Tastings, asking questions and of course reading are the best way to learn more about wine. You can read, you can listen to reviews and you can go to a wine store and see the notes on the shelf showing the points a bottle was given. All this is helpful but not nearly as important as tasting, drinking and enjoying. Keep an open mind and try a wine today you have never tried before. It should always be a learning and fun process.

Lastly for today, and I will say this so many times in my blogs you will get tired of hearing it. It doesn't matter the price, label or how many points a bottle was given. What matters is that you like it, so drink what you like, that's what is important!!