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A Fun Night of Blind Tasting

WineVipRoomGuy here with a few thoughts on how to turn a typical wine drinking night into a fabulous experience! Do your own blind tasting!! Its fun, easy and usually leads to a lot of laughs! Invite some friends over and have everyone or each couple bring a bottle of wine. Each guest should arrive with the bottle wrapped in a way so it can't be identified but can still easily be opened. 

You can make it a theme night such as everyone brings a wine from Italy or Europe or California. If you want to really mix it up, just say bring a bottle and see what everyone brings and make the Tasting more challenging! 

Open one bottle at a time and pour everyone a couple of sips. If you do a large group, each person may need to bring two of the same bottle. Sometimes this is a good idea anyway because if someone brings an outstanding wine some are going to want seconds. Everyone tastes together and then tries to determine where the wine is from. You can make that part as simple or complicated as you want. For example, you can say identify the country or it could be the country and the region. Have fun with it and provide some snacks and this makes for a great night! 

I remember my friends and I doing this in the past and we rotated around every few weeks where we held the event. People got creative with their wine choices and with the entire process! Its a fun thing to do and while you are drinking you can learn too!

Don't forget to take some photos of your event and send them to us so we can post on our site.