Please Contribute to the Fund of Your Choice To Help The Victims of the California Fires


Let me start by saying that after a first hand look at Napa Valley I was shocked at how much forest land was burned by the fires. Yes, 3-4% of the total area was burned and the rest remained untouched but still as you drive around it is not hard to see areas that were scorched. Almost the entire drive up from the city of Napa gives you views of blackened hillsides and burned tree lines along the route. 

The great news is that most vineyards fought the fire off and did not burn. The stats I have been given say 3-4% of Sonoma and Napa burned, and 19% of the vineyards were affected. Affected does not mean destroyed, just touched in some way.

I tried to set up appointments with a couple of vineyards that were impacted but they would not let me on the property or tell their story. I did do my own assessment as well as ask others in the valley and was given the above mentioned statistics.

While the damage was more than I expected to see, Napa Valley is definitely open for business. Most places you will go will not seem any different than before the fire. Most places are booming and of course growing. New construction in Yountville with the Villagio Inn becoming the Hotel Villagio and getting a major upgrade. Down the street a new tasting room is being built. Toward St. Helena, one of my faves, Gott's Roadside was closed for a remodel. New construction and life goes on. But Isn't that a good thing?

Don't wait, visit Napa and Sonoma and contribute to the economy, see the sights and enjoy the great wines, beers and food coming out of this area. It's as great as ever! Enjoy it!!!!