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It's not often that the average wine drinker stops to appreciate what really goes on during harvest. My site is focused on keeping it simple with everything we do for you so this is not going to be a lesson on how wine is made but it is going to be a short Blog about how much work goes into making wine. 

I have made many trips to wineries, had many tours, private tastings and pretty much seen it all along the way. I have always known that it takes a lot of focus and a lot of effort to produce a great bottle of wine. Most of my pats on the back and congratulations have gone out to the winemakers over the years. That all changed this year. In 2016 I have focused on the smaller wineries, the places where a few do it all. I have traveled through California and spent time in Paso Robles, Los Olivos, Solvang, Sta. Maria Valley, even made a stop in Orcutt to visit C Nagy winery! Once you see the smaller places you get a better understanding of how much work goes into a bottle. Now, multiply that by a few hundred and you see even more work that has to be done the bigger wineries.

In May I returned to Silver Oak Winery in Napa, Ca, I met a guy there who was trellising the grapes and another who was riding a tractor up and down the rows of grape vines cleaning up weeds and any undergrowth. I wanted to learn more so I spent time with each of them. This is when it hit me even more how much we owe to the all the workers in the winery who give all they have to insure the production is as good as it can be. While the work increases and decreases throughout the year, there is always work and that means people in the fields or in the barrel room or the fermentation tank room. You get my point, yes the winemaker is the authority but it takes so many more to produce a great bottle of wine. Many who give the winemaker the tools he needs to make a great wine. It is easy to not give them a thought but that would be so wrong. They really are so dedicated to their craft and at times during the year their life evolves around a lot of hard work! 

I salute all who work so hard and do so much to put those great bottles of wine on our tables! Thank you and I look forward to sharing a glass with some of you when this years Harvest is complete!