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My Summer of '18, But More To Come

Probably the question I am asked most often is, what do I drink or do in my off time? Since I started my website and with social media being a full time job, I don't have much off time because even if I am not doing a video shoot or an interview, if I see a cool photo that I know I can use later on social I will take time to do a photo. I am not complaining and actually would have it no other way. I really enjoy what I do! More importantly and addressing that question, I want to start something new and share some of my favorite moments of the past month.

I am starting with the coolest new hotel in Napa Valley, The Archer! I think this place is amazing. Nice rooms and so many amenities, bars, restaurants and spa! The vibe is great and the crowd eclectic. All the food in the hotel is under the watch of Charlie Palmer. You can't go wrong booking The Archer and if you do, here are 3 can't miss things to do. Go to the Rooftop Bar, its the only one in Napa. Visit the lobby bar any day for happy hour. Great bites at good prices, its an actual Happy Hour!! Lastly a toss up, the Spa is superb and the Sunday Brunch is also cool! While you are there take some time to look around and just take in the great decorating and the lobby's focus on Wine Country!

Next, I love the V Wine Room in West Hollywood and I was able to go several times the past month as I had an extended stay in LA. They pour only California Wine so of course I love that! They have knowledge of every wine they pour and are outstanding at matching your taste with the right glass of wine. Special deals on Monday and Thursday night but they have Happy Hour every day. Get a cheese platter too! I can't say enough about these guys. Tell them WineVipRoomGuy sent you!

I found a great Tasting Room in Yountville, Silver Trident. The place is furnished by Ralph Lauren so you can pretty much buy anything on the floor, walls, or counters. The place feels like a house more than a Tasting Room. There's a video on our website. The wines are amazing and the winemaker Kari Auringer definitely knows what she is doing. I really liked the Pinot Noir and the Cabernet but all the wines are fantastic! They pair their wines with delicious bites created by local Chef Sarah Scott and let me tell you, the pairings are right on! I do not believe I have been to a better pairing than this one. Every detail is given attention!

Other good wines this month, MacRostie, Enriquez and vo-kel, all from Sonoma and all experienced on my Russian River Valley trip! Ammunition Chardonnay, while I had it at V Wine Room, they are located in Sonoma too!

How about a Paso fave of mine, Herman Story! I love several of their wines but I made a stop on the drive from Napa to LA and bought Bolt Cutter, one of the bigger Cabernet Blends out of Paso. It is full of flavor and won't disappoint!

Here are a couple that are getting great comments and are definitely worth buying, Space Age Rose from Josh Phelps and Grounded Wine Co. and S.R. Tonella Sauvignon Blanc. Both are tasty and must buys for Summer or anytime!

Ok, hope you enjoy some of these recommendations and let me know some of your favorites. You can comment on our Contact page!

Keep enjoying California Wine Country and always drink responsibly!