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2017 will go down in our memory banks possibly as no other year before it! Wildfires, hurricanes, politics, scandals and that's only a part of what makes this year memorable or maybe a year we want to forget.

Still through it all, this country continues to bounce back, continues to rebuild and most importantly continues to function. I admit, not without some issues, but we continue to function and in our own ways try to move forward. 

My thoughts go out to all who have experienced a tough 2017. No matter what the challenge, I feel for you and hope you are now in recovery mode.

It is so easy to forget those around us who have suffered and instead just go on living our own life. That however is not how this country was created or how it is supposed to work. Yet today many choose to forget, ignore, only worry about themselves and worst of all fall way short in showing what it takes to be a true American and Humanitarian!

I am hoping with so many stepping forward to expose the wrong doings of others and so much suffering happening in this Country that 2018 will start a major turnaround that will make us all a little more caring. A new year is about to start. Its time people change how we speak to one another, look at one another and act toward one another.

2018 is almost here! Let's all of us hit our reset button and be our best as we look at the new year as a new opportunity! So much to be grateful for and so much to be happy about. Its harder to be positive, but lets all try and lets be the ones who make the difference for our future!

This is our last Blog of the year so let me say......

Happy Holidays to all and Happy New Year! And let's all make 2018 our best year ever!



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