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White or Red Wine, Yes Thank You!

White or Red Wine, Yes Thank You!

Why has white wine become second choice in so many circles? Are we getting so obsessed with big, luscious, full bodied red wines we no longer have room on our palette for white wine? I have noticed that I see fewer glasses of white wine on tables, on the bar or in shopping carts. I see the data, Chardonnay is a huge seller, people drink Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, but where are they drinking it? I am not seeing it as often in public.

Let me say, been there, done that! There was a period of time in my life when I only drank red. At that time you were wasting your breath offering me a white wine. I can't be seen drinking whites, I drink red wine! I like red wine, I need my red wine!

Well, all that changed in 2016! I found a fantastic neighborhood wine bar in West Hollywood, Ca that immediately changed the way I approached wine. V Wine Room at 903 Westbourne Drive woke me up to new wines, unfamiliar wines and most of all yummy delicious wines all from California! They forced me to try new wines and I loved it. I say forced because their wine list is packed with small producers you have likely not heard of or ever had the pleasure of tasting. V taught me to open my mind and experience all that the vines had to offer. Believe me there was a lot to experience. 

With all those new tastings came a real appreciation for white wines. All kinds of whites, dry, sweet, bubbly, soft, bold but most of all whites well worth drinking and enjoying as much as I enjoyed my reds! Over the past three years at V, vintages have come and gone, so many cheese boards have been eaten and so many special nights and events attended, but I still have an appreciation and respect for V every time I walk in their door. And not just whites, they have poured many new reds for me too! 

Most of all, they taught me the value of trying something new, something I had never heard of and their knowledge guided me down the path of one of the most amazing wine adventures I have ever experienced. Yes I love this place and no they are not paying me to write this article. I write because V provided me with many good glasses, laughs and most of all amazing experiences! 

Today, I do drink more red than white, but I never turn down a glass of white. Many times I love to start a meal with a glass of white and then move to a red. Try it, you'll like it. Experiment, let your wine tender choose a bottle for you. I know you will be pleasantly surprised and maybe I will see you on the same adventure I am on trying to taste every wine being made in California!


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