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Paso Robles

Paso Robles

After a recent trip to Paso Robles, I found myself pondering the many wines I tried and wishing I had tried even more. My go-to as many know is a big California Cabernet Sauvignon. Its not easy to find that in Paso. Before you correct me, I know there are Cabs and Syrahs and some big reds but what I am saying is there are many wineries that produce no cabs and it just seemed most that I visited were pouring lighter, less complex wines and a lot of whites. For a guy who has spent a lot of time in Napa, this is a big change. I liked a lot of what I tasted but I did find it to be quite the treasure hunt to find the bigger, bolder wines.  Since I preach, "drink what you like" I also live my life that way and even though I enjoy all wines, my fav as I said is the Cab.

So I want to tell you about two places, one shall remain nameless and the other I will share the name with you. First the bad because I want to end on a high note. I visited a larger winery in Paso with a fantastic view pouring some decent reds and a really nice Syrah. After tasting the wines, I asked if they had anything bigger or bolder than was poured. The hostess asked me what I typically drink and I was honest in my response. Her reply back to me was, "well why don't you go back to Napa"! Needless to say, I was shocked, and hey its not easy to make me speechless! I was polite in my response and then politely left!

In my travels the next day I got a recommendation from the LXV Tasting Room, which by the way had a delicious Viognier that I enjoyed, to go try Herman Story Wines. JACKPOT! Loved the Nuts and Bolts Syrah and the Bolt Cutter was off the charts. BC is a big red 2013 Cab blend that is drinking great right now. So smooth, rich, complex, full bodied!! I can't wait to enjoy it again! I purchased two bottles and they decanted one for me to enjoy that night! My compliments to Russell, the owner and winemaker! Making some great wine and full body reds, these wines are not for the faint of heart! This is definitely worth a repeat visit!!

What a way to wrap up the trip, Bolt Cutter and a steak! So Yummy! 

Also have to recommend the Vine Restaurant and what a great lunch at Daou Winery!

WineVipRoomGuy paid for all his wine and his meals so this is not a commercial endorsement. It is the way I honestly feel about these experiences!




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