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Box Wine

What's the sudden popularity of box wines. Yeah, I know there has always been a reason to buy a box or a certain percentage of wine drinkers who love to buy the box!! What do you think? Why box wine? Well there are many reasons to reach for the box! 

Its shocking but many young people and many single people love the box. It keeps your wine fresh longer than a bottle, there actually are some good options and maybe most importantly it comes at a good price! So many choices these days and so many boxes to choose from!

Its no longer a status thing, its more about what works for certain individuals! The box will keep your wine longer and more drinkable than any bottle. Thats great news for singles who enjoy a glass every other night. Quality has increased and price has decreased for some of the best boxes. Lastly, there is more good wine in the box than ever and more choices than ever before!

I have said many times, drink what you like and yes that includes the box! It is logical for some. If it works for you, buy it proudly and drink it with joy! Its fine, the box is no longer a cheap wine, its a practical wine for many!







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