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Bottle of Red, Bottle of White drink the one that sounds good Tonight!

Bottle of Red, Bottle of White drink the one that sounds good Tonight!

A winemaker told me a great story recently about a wine class he took at UC Davis in California. The professor was wishing all the students good luck on the last day of class and said, "You should all celebrate, go get a big steak and a nice Zinfandel on Saturday night!" Needless to say the entire class started to laugh. The professor looked shocked, "Have I failed with my teachings in this class, he asked the group. If there is one thing I wanted you to learn from my class it was that everyone and every taste is different." He went on, "do not judge and do not think you know what wine goes best with every meal, that is a matter of personal taste." 

I tell you this story because it goes perfectly with my blog this week. When you are a risk taker, there's a very good chance you are going to enjoy your wine and in some cases your meal even more. I personally enjoy breaking the rules. Depending on my mood, I love a red or white with a nice cheese pairing. I will often do a Pinot Noir with sushi. Sometimes a red just seems right instead of a white and vice versa. Again, I ask, who is it that decided we have to buy a bottle of white tonight because we are having fish? 

Sometimes a wine choice may seem obvious, a big bold Cabernet Sauvignon with a big steak to me is one of the few obvious pairings that is tough to beat. You may disagree and if you do, that's great! Most other pairings can go in many directions and the results can be surprisingly good!!

One thing I have issues with is wine ratings or points. There are too many people with different tastes that all cry out, don't tell me what to drink! Now don't get me wrong, if you like going the traditional road and are happy, I say that's perfect and I am not trying to change your preference. However, I am saying that if you want to be different, thats fine, don't be intimidated or influenced by others and their taste. My favorite phrase, drink what you like!

One thing you will see on this site is some unconventional videos, advice and information. A priority on is to present the wine story in simple terms, in a way that no matter your wine knowledge base you will get it and you will leave knowing more than when you arrived to the site. I believe the price, label and points a bottle has been rated are all secondary. What really matters is, do you like the whats in the bottle? If you do, drink it and drink it often and drink it with anything you want to drink it with!

As we wrap up, once again I say $10 or $100 a bottle, who cares, drink what you like to drink! Drink what makes you happy! Drink and know that you have made the perfect choice!!

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