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This month I will go straight to the point. I need your help. I want to be the go-to site for anyone wanting to know more about California Wine Country! Not a top site or in the top 10 but to be the #1 site for residents or tourists wanting to stay current or learn more about California Wine Country! From the beginning we have made it clear that our site is not for Master Sommeliers. This is not a slam, some of my best friends are Sommeliers. It's just that for this site we believe wine should be simple, easy to understand and most of all fun. It is never going to be snooty or highbrow. There are some great sites out there if that is your preference and I respect you for wanting to dive very deep into wine. 

Instead this site will always be more about the fun side of wine, give you a little more knowledge and information and most of all provide you with ideas for your next trip to California or if you live here, maybe tell you about a place that you did not know existed.

So now back to that thing where I need your help. Here is our email, please use it and mail us your ideas on how we can make our site more interesting to you. What should we do that we are not doing? What would make you want to look at our page a few times a week? We really want to hear from you so please take a few minutes and give us your opinions.

While we are talking about ourself, here are 10 things you may not know.

1. We do not do paid endorsements, we recommend places that we really like.

2. Sometimes we pay for our tastings, sometimes they are free. Any videos you see included free tastings.

3. We do not take money for the videos that we produce.

4. WINEVIPROOMGUY owns the site and controls the content.

5. For most videos, we have a photographer who shoots the video while VIPGUY is on camera. Some videos, like the ones that say "in their own words" are usually shot by WINEVIPROOMGUY.

6. WINEVIPROOMGUY edits all the video you see on the site.

7. relaunched in March, 2017 with a 100% focus on California Wine Country.

8. We will soon be accepting paid ads on our site. 

9. We are starting a Podcast this summer. We recorded the first one two weeks ago and will start publishing around the end of July. 

10. Our main focus is constantly working to make the site easier to use and keeping the content interesting and fresh. Seriously, this is our biggest concern.

As they say, enough about us/me and please let us hear from you. Your feedback makes us better!




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