Please Contribute to the Fund of Your Choice To Help The Victims of the California Fires

2018 in Wine Country

2018, and here we go! Wow, so much already happening and so much to come in a year that is in many ways a recovery year for parts of Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Santa Barbara! The wildfires are history but the damage remains. Now I do not want to overstate the fires. Where the fires burned, it was bad but wine country is not gone or even near gone. If you add Sonoma and Napa county together, only about 3.5% burned. While I am not making light of the 3.5%, because any fire is serious, I want to be clear that is is truly a very small portion. So small that I would not let it affect my plans to visit the valley if I were you.

Lives were lost, homes and businesses destroyed but the rebuilding has already started. The best way to help any of these ares affected is to buy their wine, tip their waiters, stay in their hotels. In other words business as usual to help spread the word that it is ok to return and to help the economy to stimulate growth.

I am a strong believer in reporting the facts, not embellishing, not hiding the truth, but in the end tell it like it is. The way it is in California Wine Country is these areas are ready to serve.

Visit and enjoy some of the best wine and hospitality in the world. The way these areas are rebounding says a lot about California Wine Country! 




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