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2013 Best Year Ever?

The past couple of years I have heard many people from critics to everyday wine drinkers singing the praises of the 2013 vintage. I agree that 2013 is a great year for many California Winemakers. Perfect weather, bountiful crops and everything came together as it does now and then to create some amazing magic in the bottle!

This Blog is actually prompted by a recent conversation with a Wine Associate at a local wine shop. He was singing the praises of the 13s and was visibly upset that many of those bottles from that great vintage were either quickly disappearing or already gone. I talked about 2014 but he would have nothing of it. Set on 2013 as the best and there was no telling him different. I left feeling like the poor guy was going to break down and cry about it at any moment.

Now I agree 2013 is great, but I also believe 2014 is great. Yes, I know a year younger, but getting better by the day and some are already drinking so nice! I have drank or tasted many 2014 bottles and believe in the long run they will give 2013 a challenge. Typically not as complex as 2013 so they usually open up quicker, the 2014s are tasty and depending on the grape, full flavor and lots going on in the bottle. Some of the 14s I have enjoyed had more happening than the same bottle as from 2013! 

So before we change the record books and scratch out 2007 and change it 2013 as the best year ever, lets slow down and try the 2014s and hey, even 2015 is tasting good too!

As always, drink what you like but try a later vintage for fun and see what you think. Leave your comments below.

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