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One of my favorite times of year as Summer begins winding down and Harvest starts building up! Harvest is in full swing all over California with lots of grapes for white wines already in the crush!

Many of the folks I have spoken with are believing this is a great year and will be a great vintage. Lots of grapes on the vines and many of the fears from the fires of last fall have been put to rest. Yes, there are still a few questions about the fires effect on the '17 Vintage but it looks like this will be a fantastic year.

Pinot grapes are being harvested in some areas now and Cabernet looks to be 3-4 weeks away in many regions. WOW, I do love harvest! If you are planning a trip to wine country, this is one of the best times to go. Prices on hotels are high this time of year but likely well worth the money when you get there and get to see a crush happening, or a sorting of grapes. Maybe a winemaker will have a minute for you, if so feel honored because this time of year everyone is in the fields at all hours of the night and morning picking away and needless to say everyone is exhausted! If you live in a wine region or will be visiting its a great time to see how much work goes into every bottle that ends up on your table! Take time to understand the process and say thanks to everyone who works so hard!

Yeah, I really love harvest season and this is shaping up to be a great one!